Publisher Showcase

Authentic Bel Canto: The Origins, Practical Application And Legacy of a Disappearing Art Form

Sunday, July 6, 2014 • 8 a.m.-8:45 a.m.

Presenters: Valerie Larsen
Location: Salon A-D (4th floor)

Bel Canto, the study of the art of singing as founded on the school of Niccolo Porpora, is Italian for “beautiful singing.” With a pedagogy line three steps from its founder, Ewan Harbrecht Mitton has made it her life’s work to study, master, and teach this method. At the urging of her vocal students to write down what she was teaching them about this disappearing art, she hopes to pass on this legacy to generations of future vocal teachers and students.

“The exercises, combined with sound recordings demonstrating qualities of tone and of true, pure vowels and their migration in the scale, are a uniquely modern contribution in the study of the art of singing, as founded on the school of Porpora, bravura as “bel canto” and taught in the late twentieth centuries by Giovanni Sbriglia in Paris, with whom I studied.”
- Ruth Miller Chamlee
Coach, Mentor, and Friend of the Author

Join us for the presentation of the Instructional Review and Vocalises that comprise the new publication Authentic Bel Canto, by Ewan Harbrecht Mitton, as presented by her granddaughter and lifelong student, Valerie Larsen.