Publisher Showcase

Raise Your Body IQ: It Takes Your Whole Body to Support Your Whole Voice

Tuesday, July 8, 2014 • 8 a.m.-9 a.m.

Presenter: Ruth Williams Hennessy; Director, Hennessy Whole Body Voice™ and creator of the instructional DVD, Voice at the Center™
Location: Salon A-D (4th floor)

Have you ever wondered if there could be MORE to your students’ voices than they are currently enjoying: more ease, more power, more consistency, or more flexibility? Developing singers often find it difficult to release tension in the jaw, tongue, or larynx because these tensions, like the tip of an iceberg, are merely the visible portion of underlying muscle patterns hidden throughout the body. Without releasing those underlying patterns, the tense jaw or tongue cannot fully respond to instruction, even with a very clear mental understanding of technique. This Hennessy Whole Body VoiceTM presentation addresses these issues physically, as a helpful aid to voice instruction, not as a separate vocal technique. This is vocal bodywork designed by a singer, for singers. Ruth Williams Hennessy’s Vocal BodyWorkShops©, offered weekly in New York City, are also seen at universities, choral organizations, and symposiums across the country. Her DVD, Voice at the CenterTM, is used in homes, studios, and vocal pedagogy classes around the world. Ruth’s articles have appeared in Classical Singer, The Soul of the American Actor, and other publications. You can see more about Ruth’s work, including video clips, at and