Publisher Showcase

The Master Plan: How 30 minutes a week can inspire your students and dramatically reinforce your teaching

Presented by Vocal Masterclassics

Saturday, June 23 • 12:10 p.m. - 12:55 p.m.

Presenters: Dr. Keith Brautigam and Luke Brautigam
Location: Trinidad 1–3, Club Lower Level

Imagine if your school could afford to host a masterclass by a different world-renowned singer-teacher every week! And, what if your students or teachers could actually specify what each class would address? In this presentation, the creators of Vocal Masterclassics, the world’s #1 institutional resource for masterclass documentation, will reveal a systematic plan that will enable you to ignite your students’ joy of personal discovery, heighten their understanding of artistic singing, and assimilate studio instruction at ever-deepening levels. All attendees will receive a FREE six-month Vocal Masterclassics subscription for their institution or studio. Come see why international singers like Denyce Graves and Jennifer Rowley are calling this resource “Incredible!” and “Brilliant!”