Pre Conference Workshop #2

Acoustic and Perceptual Voice Pedagogy: From Impulse and Affect to Pedagogy and Performance

Wednesday, June 24 • 11:00 a.m. 

Presenters: Ken Bozeman, Chadley Ballantyne, and Ian Howell

Our understanding of how the human vocal instrument creates sounds continues to improve. As this knowledge advances, the implications for vocal technique and practical application become more clear. Through lecture and demonstration this workshop will offer insight into how the sound of the singing voice is created and perceived, the fundamentals of acoustic registration, and how speech motor control and speech acquisition can be leveraged to create effective teaching strategies. Join our presenters as they unpack the complexities of how we produce and perceive sound, how the sound interacts within the vocal tract, and how our speech motor control system can be developed to assist us in overcoming challenges in all vocal styles.

About Ken Bozeman

Kenneth_Bozeman.jpgKenneth Bozeman, Professor of Music, holds performance degrees from Baylor University and the University of Arizona, and studied at the Conservatory of Music in Munich. He chaired the voice department for 26 years at Lawrence University, where he has received two awards for excellence in teaching. He was awarded the Van Lawrence Fellowship by the Voice Foundation for his interest in voice science and is the chair of the editorial board of the Journal of Singing. His writings on acoustic voice pedagogy include the books, Practical Vocal Acoustics: Pedagogic Applications for Teachers and Singers and Kinesthetic Voice Pedagogy: Motivating Acoustic Efficiency. Bozeman’s former students have sung with Houston Grand, Boston Lyric, Deutsche Oper Berlin, San Francisco, New York City, the Metropolitan, Chicago Lyric, and Santa Fe Opera.

About Chadley Ballantyne

Chadley Ballantyne Hi ResChadley Ballantyne, DMA is a frequent guest speaker on the topic of applying vocal acoustic pedagogy for both classical and CCM techniques. He presented at the 2017 Pan-American Vocology Association (PAVA) Symposium, the 2018 Voice and Speech Trainers Association/PAVA Joint Conference, the 2017 West Central and Central Region NATS Conferences, the 55th NATS National Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, and at the 2019 ACDA National Conference. He is a co-instructor at the Acoustic Vocal Pedagogy Workshop at the New England Conservatory of Music and is a contributing author to The Evolving Singing Voice: Changes Through the Lifespan. Ballantyne is Assistant Professor of Music, Voice at Stetson University. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Drake University, and a Master of Music degree and a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Illinois.

About Ian Howell

Ian_Howell.jpgIan Howell, DMA is a professor of voice and vocal pedagogy at the New England Conservatory in Boston. He has sung in most major concert halls across America, Europe, Canada, and Japan as a soloist and with the Grammy Award winning ensemble Chanticleer. He has presented original research at NATS, PAVA, the Voice Foundation, and the Society for Music Perception and Cognition, and has been an invited guest speaker for the NATS Chat series and NYSTA. He is published in Journal of Voice and VOICEPrints. His research interests include the intersection of human perception and the singing voice with a special focus on the role of auditory transduction. He believes that the human hearing mechanism so powerfully shapes and colors the sound of a singer’s voice that we may best conceive of the sound of a singer through the responses of the ear itself.