Breakout Session

Making a Living as a Voice Expert: Side Hustles to Diversify Your Income Stream

Saturday, June 23 • 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Presenter: Nancy Bos
Introduced by: Barbara Ann Peters
Location: Montecristo 2-4

“Time is Money” ... at least it is for many independent voice teachers. But this routine doesn’t allow us space to explore our other passions or enjoy life. With financial freedom we have the option of teaching less without hampering income. Achieving financial freedom can be hard to do as a voice teacher, especially if the teacher has no time because they are too busy making ends meet at teaching. However, many independent voice teachers are naturally entrepreneurial. This presentation will explore a variety of side hustles that are just one or two steps away from teaching students, and can lead to financial freedom.

About Nancy Bos

Nancy_Bos_2017_2x3_116w_fall_headshot.jpgNancy Bos, independent voice teacher in the Seattle area, is an international clinician in popular contemporary singing styles and music theater and creator of CDs, books, and audiobooks on singing. She has served as adjunct faculty at Cornish College and Seattle Pacific University, and is affiliated with Bellevue College. Nancy has worked in the recording industry, film, and theater, performed oratorios, and toured as a mezzo soloist in Europe and South America. She sings, plays bass, and keyboards for a variety of projects. Nancy is a member of the Northwest Chapter of the Voice Foundation and is the Northwest Regional Governor for NATS. Additionally within NATS, she has served as the Associate Editor of Inter Nos, on several national committees, as the Western Washington District Governor, and on chapter boards. Nancy is a Distinguished Voice Professional through NYSTA.