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58th NATS National Conference at Knoxville Convention Center

The stage is set for you — and your students!

Expanded Networking ⬩ Curated Breakout Sessions ⬩ National Student Auditions ⬩ World-Renowned Talent


Nicole Robinson Lawrence Brownlee Kerrie Obert
Amanda Reckonwith The Sound of Identity Eden Casteel

Offset Your Travel: NATS is working with SocialOffset

In response to feedback from attendees on discomfort with our event location, NATS has partnered with SocialOffset. When you travel, every purchase you make generates tax revenue for a state government. That government may make policies that don't align with your personal values. Giving to a local charity working towards the equity goals you care about can help balance the scale. 

Visit the NATS SocialOffset page to donate to vetted local organizations in Knoxville that make a difference in people’s lives and offset any spending that doesn’t align with your values by supporting local charities that do.

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Pricing + Registration Deadlines

Online registration is now closed. You can register on site starting Thursday, June 27th at 4PM.

Refund + Cancellation Policy

Cancellation requests will be honored through April 1, 2024. The NATS Executive Office must be notified of your intention to cancel in writing at the following address: 9957 Moorings Drive, Suite 401, Jacksonville, FL 32257, or by email (). Cancellations are not accepted by phone; they must be in writing. All refunds are subject to an administrative fee of $75 USD. Refunds cannot be applied to subsequent events and will be issued after the event has concluded. Refund & Cancellation Policy-deadline was April 1, 2024.

Because NATS arranges all the meeting logistics based on the number of registrants at the time of the registration cutoff dates and commits to pay for those services, we are unable to grant any refunds after the cancellation deadline.