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Pre-Conference Workshop

A Collaborative Approach to Releasing Tongue and Jaw Tension: Foot to Head 

Saturday, July 5, 2014 • 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

Presenters: Jodi Barth, Gincy Stezar & Martha Randall
Introduced by: Kathleen Arecchi
Location: Back Bay Meeting Rooms (3rd floor)

This voice teacher/physical therapist team has received rave reviews in their work at several NATS Intern Programs as well as other conferences. Barth and Stezar have found that the feet often play an important role in jaw and tongue tension, and Randall has found that adding vocalization during and after a variety of prescribed physical stretches improves ease of production as well as increases pitch and dynamic range. This workshop will include basic knowledge, self diagnostics, case studies from the audience, guided hands-on training in small groups, practical suggestions regarding topics such as performance footwear, and Q & A. You will leave with specific strategies you can immediately apply to your work.


Download presentation slides pdf_icon.gif

About Jodi Barth 

Barth_Boston_100px.jpgJodi Barth (PT, CCI, from Ithaca College) is a licensed physical therapist with over 27 years of experience in the field of rehabilitation. She is a certified clinical instructor through the American Physical Therapy Association. Currently, Barth is regional manager and Facial Palsy and TMJ program specialist for NRH Regional Rehab, a member of Medstar Health in the Washington, D.C., metro area. The facility provides acute care and treatment for longstanding cases of Bells, facial paralysis and TMJ dysfunction She has spoken both locally and internationally on facial palsy treatment as well as evaluation and importance of postural alignment. She was a clinician at the 2009 and 2010 NATS Intern Program and a presenter at the 2010 NATS National Conference in Salt Lake City. She collaborated with Martha Randall and Gincy Stezar at the 2012 Symposium.

About Gincy Stezar

Stezar.jpgGincy Stezar (PTA, CCI, University of Maryland, and Associate of Applied Science from Montgomery College) is a licensed physical therapist assistant with 9 years of experience, with the last 6 years working with Jodi Barth specializing in the field of facial neuromuscular retraining, postural restoration and TMJ dysfunction. Ms Stezar has received extensive training in the area of orthopedic and manual therapy that she brings to the treatment of her facial palsy and TMJ patients. She was a clinician at the 2009 and 2010 NATS Intern Program and co-presenter at the 2010 NATS National Conference in Salt Lake City. She collaborated with Jodi Barth and Martha Randall at the 2012 Symposium.

About Martha Randall

Randall_head.jpgMartha Randall, (Soprano, B.M., M.M. from the University of Kansas, Fulbright Scholar), a student of Todd Duncan for many years, teaches voice and voice pedagogy at the University of Maryland in College Park. She also maintains a private studio and works with both amateur and professional singers. She has appeared at the Kennedy Center, Constitution Hall, the Phillips Gallery, and performed with the National Symphony, Washington Bach Consort, and Kansas City Philharmonic. Former students are appearing at the Met, Covent Garden, New York City Opera, Glimmerglass and Central City. She was president of NATS from 2006-08 and as director of the NATS Intern Program included physical therapist Jodi Barth and Gincy Stezar as clinicians in 2009 and 2010. She is a member of the American Academy of Teachers of Singing, now serving as chair. She collaborated with Jodi Barth and Gincy Stezar at the 2012 Symposium.