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Voice Teacher for private studio in San Diego - Voice Studios of Eleonor England dba Singing Lessons NYC

This is a Permanent, Part-time position.

Category: Other
State/Province: San Diego, CA
Position: Voice Teacher for private studio in San Diego
Deadline: May 6, 2022
Posted: April 10, 2022

Job Description / Duties

You will be teaching mostly CCM to adults, most of whom are under 40. If you can teach children, we do have them come in, though.

You’ll need to play an accompaniment instrument proficiently. Some knowledge of US straight-ahead pop music is helpful.

We will need one Saturday plus 2 days (not Friday) afternoons and evenings until 9.30p at the latest.

Our clientele are heavily Asian and Asian-American and some knowledge of singing in Mandarin or Korean can be helpful but is not required.

Qualifications / Required Skills

We are looking for someone enthusiastic, positive, and who has a love of teaching. You must have a vocal pedagogy degree and not just a performance degree.

We need people who teach evidence-based vocal technique. If you are also a great vocal coach in addition to being a voice teacher, we love that.

Must play an accompaniment instrument.

You will not have to communicate with the client. We do all the booking, etc. You will have about 30 seconds admin per client per week.

Our studios in SD are in 92116 and 92037 so being able to easily commute there is super cool.

Please be community minded and amiable.

Additional Information

We occasionally have presentations given by one of the other teachers which are mandatory. Also mandatory are 4 sessions with our Alexander Technique teacher (free to you and you will be paid) to gain a more 360 degree breathing technique than is typically taught in singing.

You have your credentials and we trust you. Very infrequently will you be asked to modify your teaching style.

The application process goes like this:
1. We’ll read cover letters and your resume as well. Mainly we’re looking for personality plus degrees in vocal ped abd/or special training such as Alexander Technique

2. We’ll setup 15-30 minute Zoom call to chat

3. You’ll be setup with 3 students, 50 minutes each for a 2.5 hr audition. The students will be diverse as far as their voices, vocal problems, and genders. We’re looking for someone who can connect with the clients and do consistently helpful lessons with them. We also want to make sure you treat any trans/nb clients appropriately and are culturally sensitive.

4. The clients will evaluate the sessions for helpfulness and tell us their emotional responses. Simultaneously, you’ll be asked to identify any vocal challenges you notice for each singer, as well as specify why you chose the exercises you chose and the direction you’d likely go with the client were they to continue.

Salary is $47-52.50/hr paid on a W2. Full time is 32 hrs a week. Salary in listing is based on a 32 hr work week

For full time employees we offer:
* Student loan repayment
* Medical ins payments

For all employees:
* Sick leave pay
* Holiday pay
* Vacation pay
* Free lessons once a week with another colleague at our studio. You may also opt to exchange lessons and you’ll still be paid for your time spent teaching. We hv also a whiz at music production and non-jazz ccm songwriting who you can elect to work with once a week.

Salary: $78k-87k

Contact Information

Barb - please email cover letter and resume to Resume preferred over CV.

No calls, no pop-ins, and no signing up for lessons if you really wanna use the time to talk about getting hired

Employer Profile

Based in NYC, Voice Studios of Eleonor England was founded in 1999 and is now headquartered in Manhattan. We have 8 teachers in California, Nashville, and NYC. We are extremely diverse as far as students and faculty - both racially, gender-wise, and with regard to LGBTQIAA2S+

Our student body consists mostly of adults who want to learn how to sing recreationally or for health, as well as music artists.

We are pro-teacher and believe that the teachers are every bit as important, if not more so, as the clients. We pay for time spent in meetings, time you go over your session end time accommodating the clients, time to attend any recitals, etc.