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NATS COVID Resources Page

posted on 11:06 AM, March 24, 2020
Click Here for our COVID-19 Resources

During this unprecedented time NATS and NATS members and friends have sprung to action to provide a variety of resources to help the singing community adapt to the new realities facing our industry.  It truly takes a community to help us navigate these times with creativity, ingenuity, compassion, and leadership.  NATS is here to help you succeed during these times.  If you know of a resource that is particularly relevant for singing professionals please email it to info@nats.org.  



Recordings available to members and non-members at: https://www.nats.org/chats_schedule.html

*Emergency NATS Chat - Calming the Coronavirus Crisis and Taking Your Teaching Online

*Special Edition NATS Chat: Teaching Lyric Diction Online
Guests: Cheri Montgomery, Dawn Padula, and Allen Henderson

*Special Edition NATS Chat: Taking Voice Pedagogy Courses Online During COVID-19 
Guests: Joshua Glasner, Nicholas Perna, Kathy Price, and John Nix

*Special Edition NATS Chat: Protecting Your Mental Health During the Coronavirus Outbreak
Panelists: Dr. Ann Marie Roepke, Psychologist, PhD, Susan and Dr. Duce Miles LCSW

*Special Edition NATS Chat: The Collaborative Pianist during COVID-19
Panelists: Craig Terry, Rhonda Kline, Laurie Rogers, Nicholas Shaneyfelt 

*Special Edition NATS Chat: Making a Professional Pivot During COVID-19
Guests: Morgan James, Tamar Greene, Alex Fletcher, Joelle Harvey, Angela Young Smucker, Mikki Sodergren, Morris Robinson

*Special Edition NATS Chat: A Singer’s Mental Health During COVID-19
Guests: Dr. Yvette Litchfield and Dr. Julio Rosario


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We also have a variety of Facbook Groups which we hope you will join as appropriate. We feel the first three are very important and others are optional based on your specific needs:
NATS Chat for Voice Teachers
NATS Members-Only Group

Your Chapter and Region NATS Facebook pages

*NATS Does… pages

We have set up a number of groups to assist those who are using a variety of specific online learning platforms during this time.  You can simply search for “NATS does XXX” with your platform and see if there is one for you. 

NATS does Zoom                           NATS does Skype                   NATS does D2L
NATS does Canvas                         NATS does Google                  NATS does VL.com
NATS does Blackboard                   NATS does Moodle                  NATS does Microsoft Teams                                         

LIVE STREAMED EVENTS- #click4concerts

NATS is making available its events calendar during the COVID-19 Crisis for our entire singing community to post events that are being live streamed.  We need art and we crave to make art during times like these. We will be sharing events and links to the calendar in a variety of ways. They can be free or for profit. Submit your event here. Encourage your students and colleagues to post events.


We have made the Journal of Singing online archive available to all for free during this time when libraries are not available for teachers, students, and researchers so they can use it to complete study, write papers, and research. For non-members and students, they can visit the archive HERE, begin a search, and when they click on a particular article they will be prompted to create a guest account which they can use to access the entire JOS database until the end of the academic year in mid-June. 


NATS is providing 16 free NATS Live Learning Center Videos available for one time viewing.  Teachers may also find valuable resources here for class use while teaching online.  Stay tuned for the exact details on how to access these titles. 

Conference 2018, Crosstraining in the Voice Studio: A Balancing Act
Conference 2018, Cançoes e mondhinas: A lecture recital of Brazilian Art Song Repertoire
Winter 2020, The Self-Assured Singer: Preparation for Audition Success
Conference 2018, Teaching Outside the Gender Binary
Summer 2015, Pedagogy of Gospel Singing: An Overview
Winter 2020, Alexander Technique for Practice and Rehearsal
Summer 2019, So You've Been Asked to Teach Diction
Winter 2017, The Voice from Foot to Head: A Holistic Approach to Safe Vocalizing
Conference 2018, Training the Whole Voice: In Pursuit of a New Paradigm
Conference 2018, Performing the Great American Songbook
Conference 2018, Necessary Roughness in Voice Pedagogy: The Special Psychoacoustics of the Singing Voice with Ian Howell
Conference 2016, Voice Science Plenary Sessions 1 and 2 with Dr. Robert Bastian
Conference 2014, Voice Science Plenary Sessions 1 and 2 with Dr. Steven M. Zeitels and others
Conference 2012, Mindful Voice – The Singing Teacher in the Age of Cognitive Revolution with Lynn Helding

CHAPTERS AND REGIONS Online Meetings and Events

NATS GoToMeeting and NATS Zoom are available for your NATS-centric needs for communication or holding a chapter or region event. We encourage you to engage members in innovative ways with the ingenuity we are so thankful for, much of which carries over to other chapters, regions and national levels. To set up a meeting/event contact tina@nats.org.  She will need to know the purpose of the meeting and a general idea of who will be there.

Publisher Resources for These Times

A number of publishers have issues statements to help us during this time.

Hal Leonard

Partner Sites with COVID Resources

NATS is proud to have strong partnerships with sister organizations who are also providing a variety of resources that may be of interest to the singing community

Opera America COVID Resource Hub
MTNA Resource Page
American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) Resource Page

If you have found the services NATS has provided during these times have value for you and your teaching, please consider joining NATS.  We are over 7,000 members strong and the largest organization of voice professionals in the world.  Click here for more info